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Art Robin : Le funambule
Peintre originaire de Bruxelles, je suis en 1991 « tombé en amour » avec les arts visuels. Après plusieurs années d´expérimentations une « ligne » s´est imposée à moi, inscrite dans le mouvement expressionniste, mêlée à une démarche conceptuelle et symbolique. Mes toiles sont caractérisées par des portraits riches en textures et couleurs vives. Leurs fonds abstraits dégagent comme une aura qui laisse deviner l´humeur de ces hommes et femmes, leur vécu, leur histoire. Un regard naïf et intense souligne ces visages colorés, expressifs et stylisés qui apparaissent comme des masques, figures solitaires enfermées dans leur monde. Tel un funambule en équilibre sur son fil, je suis à la recherche d'un équilibre précaire entre des extrêmes. Cette recherche est selon moi à l´image de la vie. J´ai développé un langage visuel présent dans chacune de mes toiles afin d'exprimer cette recherche. Comme si chacune de mes toiles devenait une sorte de miroir philosophique, témoin et fenêtre ouverte vers une vérité commune, insaisissable. Par exemple, je recherche systématiquement un équilibre entre des techniques « opposées », entre des contrastes, entre courbes (féminité) et droites (masculinité) ou encore entre l´horizontalité et la verticalité ; la première symbolisant l´individu à la multitude, la seconde rappelant par ailleurs son unicité. Depuis 2006, je me suis lancé dans un nouveau projet artistique : « ISIS, 77 Portraits de Femmes, Mères de l´Humanité ». Mon but est de peindre 77 portraits de Mères et de laisser ressortir de ces visages leur vécu. Une mère a en quelque sorte porté l´humanité en elle, a souffert pour la faire naître. Elle devient par la suite souvent un témoin impuissant du devenir de l´homme. Dans cette forme de « don de soi » se loge selon moi une source de vérité. Dès le départ, ce travail autour d´« ISIS » a suscité un vif intérêt, ce qui m´a valu d´exposer en Belgique (Bruxelles, Mons - Collégiale Ste-Waudru...) et internationalement ( New York, Berlin, Budapest, Florence, Kyoto, Vence...)

Art ROBIN by

Donald Lieberman
| nov-dec-jan | 2008-09

As a police officer for the city of Brussels, the Belgian painter Eric Robin came to see himself as a "witness of humanity" and that he says. has been one of his abiding inspirations. Certainly a sense of humanity in the raw is everywhere evident in the paintings Robin will be exhibiting at Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, from January 6 through 27, 2009. (Reception January 8.from 6 to PM )

At the same time, lest one give the impression that Robin may be an autodidactic outsider it should be noted that he is actually a sophisticated painter, trained at the Brussels Royal Academy of Arts who deliberately chooses to work In a primitivistic style. In the present series the subject of his acrylics on canvas is the female faces painted in strong Fauvist colon in bold strokes that show a certain kinship to older artists such as Rouault and Modigliani, who worked in a similarly direct manner.

Robin, however has evolved his own unique approach to the feminine visage, making the old truism "the eyes are the windows of the soul'' manifest in every composition. Usually disproportionately large, the eyes of his portrait subjects engage those of the viewer in a manner that can sometimes be unsettling. Some of them seem to question, others to implore, yet others to accuse. All are the mesmerizing focal point of his compositions, in which the form of the face fills much of-the canvas, as if the subject is leaning forward to take the viewer into her confidence. While this may not be the actual source of these compositions, one gets a sense of the emotional intimacy with which a police officer is confronted daily on active duty, which lends Robin's painting an unusual -perhaps, for some, even uncomfortable- presence. And it is in this that much of their power lies.

Robin's nonliteral use of color is another attribute of his recent paintings, heightening their psychological impact. Given the urban environment a policeman patrols on the night shift in particular, it would be possible to imagine that some of his faces may be bathed in neon -particularly "Sarah" who has an overall blue cast (piquantly accented by the pimento-red pupils of her eyes), and "Enzo " whose flesh is tinted a garish green hue. It seems more liked, however, these auras emanate from within, symbolizing shades of emotion rather than the play of light on facial pigmentation.

"My color use is the expression of my first spontaneous impression and not of what one's Intended to see; Robin makes clear in an artist's statement for the exhibition in which he also reveals that the first face he painted this manner surprised him by turning out to be a portrait of his mother, who had been ill for many years.

"This was a revelation he says." he says, “I directly" knew exactly how I would like to proceed further with this work. I wanted to paint women and the story of their lives... I saw in the sorrow of my mother the suffering of humanity. A mother carries the sorrow of the world within her. Through sadness and despair, lies a source of truth.''

Eric Robin has discovered a way to make this pan and this truth manifest in pigment. His paintings, therefore, are possessed of an uncommon power.


Donald Lieberman


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Asa police officer for the city of Brussels, the Belgian painter EricRobin came to see himself as a "witness of humanity" andthat he says. has been one of his abiding inspirations. Certainly asense of humanity in the raw is everywhere e…

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[...]The painter Art Robin, a Belgian artist, creates fantastic portraits of women rich with the hues and textures of life. (Agora Gallery , Chelsea, NY)
[...] His paintings, therefore, are possessed of an uncommon power. (Donald Lieberman - Gallery&Studio Nov/Dec 2008-Jan 2009)
[...] His stellar artwork is radiating so much joy to our guests who have found it deeply compelling, offering a new vision and fresh perspective in the Chelsea Art World. (Ruthie Tucker - Executive Director- Curator Amsterdam Withney Gallery, Chelsea, NY)
[...] Van Gogh once declared that he wanted ¨to paint men and women with that something of the external which the halo used to symbolize, and which we now seek to give by the actual radiance and vibrancy of our colorings.¨ Mr ROBIN has rendered portraits that accomplished this very task... (Art Acquisitor - 2009)

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